How long would your business survive if disaster struck?

Whilst many don’t even think about the possibility, unfortunately, for many it has become a reality.

Floods or fire are just two disasters that can befall your business and the reality is, many don’t survive or recover such disruption.

We cannot stop these things happening, however we can help you to have a plan for Business Continuity & a Disaster Recovery (DR) option in place

Across IT & telecoms, we ensure that you can access key information and data quickly & securely from any location even temporary ensuring at least a “skeleton” operation continues seamlessly granting you the essential time required to get back into your main premises or make longer term temporary plans.

With incoming telephone calls, time really is important as even a few minutes without a call being answered can result in clients or potential clients calling your competitors.

With our telecoms technology & network infrastructure, we can re-route your calls instantly, so without loss of service. Again these can be short term, temporary measures or more long term.

So don’t allow your business to suffer perhaps even fail completely when a disaster happens, talk to us today about a simple, affordable DR plan.