2017 – A Year of Change & Opportunity

With January well underway, I hope your 2017 has started well.

Whilst undoubtedly there is an element of uncertainty in some areas, and I can’t see into the future, it’s fairly certain that opportunities will come throughout the year.

Are you & your business ready to maximise them when they do?

When business may be slow, do you hold back, or step forward with confidence and look to generate new business and make things happen?

Not all businesses can change dramatically, nor do they need to. Often a few simple tweaks or improvements can make a huge difference.

Recently we have helped many businesses use technology to become more efficient and reduce some costs, enabling them to focus on attracting opportunities & winning, new, profitable business, both locally and Internationally.

Technology covers many essential elements of IT and telecoms that businesses rely on in house, from servers to switchboards, software & solutions; Integrating & getting best value from mobile telecoms contracts ensuring flexibility for staff to operate and work  better. Allied to secure Cloud hosting, means “remote” working has never been as possible or realistic; but technology even reduces many off those “back office” tasks too.

2017 will undoubtedly see many more companies look to move across to IP based communications ahead of the switch off of the ISDN (digital) telephone network. Whilst this may seem an enormous task, it isn’t and does bring significant benefits and cost savings, not only to larger business but SME operations too

Integration of networks, utilising more reliable and resiliant internet connectivity solutions, such as leased lines with a 100% SLA, which have never been more affordable, ensure business can see real costs savings, but additionally empower staff to work efficiently and focus on their core remit, without downtime or disruption.

Of course, you may have already started to plan and implement your own changes & technology updates, in which case great; But if not, don’t get left behind as you can be certain that many of your competitors have, giving them a significant commercial advantage.

From small office & workplace environments through to large Corporate business, change is happening, to ensure UK businesses make the most of the opportunities available, both within the UK & from overseas. Whatever your opinion on Brexit or the next President of the USA, the opportunities will come, are you ready to take them ……?

Whatever your current situation, I wish you good health & prosperity in the year ahead. Don’t worry & make sure you enjoy today

Mobile madness – Apple iPhone 7

They said it would never happen, ….. but it did!!!!!!