The Cloud has become a popular, but often misunderstood term in communications, especially IT, nonetheless, it is driving change and bringing benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Quite simply, The Cloud refers to data storage facilities away from your premises, which are fully managed and secure, where your information is stored and you can access on demand, in real time from any device, anywhere using the internet connection to your office, home or mobile device

Key is a good, reliable connection to the internet. Gone are the days of needing some kind of server at your office, and the worry of how you maintain that, back it up, and how you keep it working. For example, email has always been a cloud solution, but now you can add in file synchronisation, off site backup and hosted applications too.

The benefits can be great as well. With the cloud you’ve instant flexibility and you may also like the subscription model and financial benefits too! Usually, you pay for these services monthly, per user, making a move to the cloud affordable and easy to achieve.

It is the future of computing, here and now, so talk to us about how your company can benefit from this latest IT revolution.