Are you still relying totally, or predominantly, on analogue or ISDN line connections?

Whilst this is tried and tested, it’s no longer your most cost effective option!

More importantly, the digital ISDN network is being phased down to switch off, so you have to start to plan a migrate over to an IP connectivity solution.

This is where we can assist & ensure a seamless transition, without disruption, down time or loss of numbers

As an established, OfCOM registered telecoms provider, we can handle all your current ISDN & analogue connections, at any single or multiple locations throughout the UK, no matter who your current supplier maybe, e.g. BT, Cable & Wireless, Vodafone, Gamma, COLT, Virgin Media etc

Then, with a 21CN fully managed IP network available, we can work with you to introduce IP connections to all office locations & migrate traffic and numbers across seamlessly.

A significant advantage is the cost savings & increased functionality brought by IP, but additionally IP networks & numbering solutions provide significantly enhanced flexibility too.

Talk to us today, without cost or obligation, or request more information about how IP can benefit your business.