Arguably, no invention in modern history has revolutionised our lives, not just businesses, in the way that the mobile phone & devices have done.

In only 30 years since the world’s first mobile call was made, a mobile has become a must have device for the majority of people on the planet. In business terms it is hard to imagine life without a mobile phone device (or two) in daily usage, with not only voice calls, but data in the form of basic email through to the latest APPS guiding our everyday existence & helping run our lives

However, many businesses are paying dearly and still missing out on the benefits of mobility.

In many cases it’s become more about the latest, must have device, rather than a business led, integrated solution, that brings significant benefits to workers and the business, integration, Unified Communications, real time mobile access, health & safety, collaboration, the list goes on…

As a registered MVNO, Vodanet Voice & Data Solutions are able to access wholesale rates & services across all leading UK mobile networks, bespoke packages to meet your requirements, plus we can access to all the usual standard offers from the networks. This ensures we are ideally placed to provide you with the best, most appropriate package overall

If you require hardware, phones, smartphones, tablets or other devices, we have those too, but again we can provide the most appropriate for you & your business, as we are not tied to a specific manufacturer or provider, though we have them all available

Our mobile airtime packages are designed with business in mind and guarantee some of the best tariffs available in the UK, for new connections, upgrades or migrations, talk to us today