As communications & connectivity moves away from traditional analogue & ISDN (digital) connections towards IP based networks, we’ve seen the introduction of VoIP & SIP to facilitate the carriage of voice calls across internet connections.

When done correctly this brings many benefits to businesses, including network optimising, efficiency & streamlined network management, allied to significant financial benefits – however, many early adopters struggled and created themselves numerous headaches by simply failing to observe a few simple protocols and possibly believing some of the myths & hype surrounding the internet.

Security, scalability & flexibility have to be key considerations, and the reliability & service quality (QoS) of the internet connection is of paramount importance – get this wrong & your business will suffer significantly

We ensure you get it right, first time & on budget.

Your voice traffic particularly is too critical to compromise or get wrong, and of course, so is mission critical data too.

We can offer both Wired & Wireless connectivity to your premises throughout the UK (& beyond) with fully managed, guaranteed reliability & speeds of up to 1Gb/s standard, or even 10Gb/s in many areas. This guarantees bandwidth sufficient to run IP Telephony, Cloud Services and all Mission Critical Applications.